Basic Dog Body Language Course Plus Flashcards eBook

This package includes the Basic Dog Body Language Online Course, plus the Dog Detective Flashcards eBook.

The course will teach you to read dog body language and to understand how dogs communicate with their various body parts.

The ebook provides additional examples to cement your knowledge of key dog behavior signs and is a great tool to use for teaching kids and other family members.

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In the Course You Will Learn...

  • How to tell when dogs are happy

    How to tell if a dog is happy and will welcome interaction with you or your kids.

  • How to tell if dogs are anxious

    Learn the key signs that signal anxiety and that a dog wants to be left alone and that you should intervene with kids.

  • How to recognize environmental clues

    Learn to evaluate clues in the environment that will help you understand a dog’s feelings.

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Dog Detective Flashcards eBook Contents

This ebook contains photos of 12 different dogs each showing 2 different emotional states for contrast. These are presented in flashcard format, with the image on one page and the "answer" (is the dog safe or dangerous) with clues indicated on the next page. This serves as an additional review and reminder of the material presented in the course and you can also use it to teach kids and other family members about key dog body language.

Watch this video for a sample of some of the pages in the book:


Buy Now For $35

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