Basic Dog Body Language Course

This course will teach you to read dog body language and to understand how dogs communicate with their various body parts.

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In this Course You Will Learn...

  • How to tell when dogs are happy

    How to tell if a dog is happy and will welcome interaction with you or your kids.

  • How to tell if dogs are anxious

    Learn the key signs that signal anxiety and that a dog wants to be left alone and that you should intervene with kids.

  • How to recognize environmental clues

    Learn to evaluate clues in the environment that will help you understand a dog’s feelings.

Course Overview and CE Credits

This course will teach you to read dog body language and to understand how dogs communicate with their various body parts. You will learn how to look for clues in a dog's body postures and in the environment to help you decide whether a dog wants to interact or is best left alone. Happy dogs are easier to train, less likely to develop behaviour problems and less likely to bite. The information you gain from this course will be useful to anyone who owns a dog, works with dogs or encounters other people's dogs on the job or during leisure time. If you own or work with dogs, you will learn how to tell if some aspects of the dog's life are causing anxiety so that you can work to reduce these, resulting in a happier dog that is easier to train and live with.

This course is intended for parents, dog owners, dog industry professionals, veterinary professionals, people who encounter other people's dogs on the job, home day
care professionals, social service workers and anyone who is interested in dog behaviour. This course is a prerquisite for other Doggone Safe courses tailored specifically for each of these different groups. These other courses will give people the tools they need to assess the bite risk to themselves and others and to implement risk management strategies to prevent dog bites.

This course qualifies for the following Continuing Education Credits:

* IAABC 2.5 credits
* IACP 2.5 credits
* OAVT 2.5 credits
* SAVT 3 credits
* CACVT 2.5 credits
* SVMA 2.0 credits (non-scientific)

Others pending. Check back. To earn your CE credits, complete the course with a passing mark of 80%, print the certificate and submit this to your professional organization as proof of completion.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Course

I did the course and it was so well put together...I was so impressed !!! Thank you !!!!.

Riko Rask
Behavior Coordinator for the Kauai Humane Society

I have reviewed the on-line course entitled Doggone Safe Basic Body Language and have found it to be user friendly and informative. This course would be useful for veterinarians, veterinary technicians and other staff. The course teaches about dog body language and how to interpret this for the benefit of both people and dogs. The information provided will be useful for veterinary staff in their dealings with dogs and in providing ideas for teaching about dog body language to their clients.

Donal McKeown, PhD, DVM
Professional Animal Behavior Associates

I have reviewed the on-line Doggone Safe Basic Body Language course and found it both informative and easy to use.  The course would be appropriate for veterinarians, technicians and lay staff that are interested in learning more about fearful dog cues, and appropriate ways to approach unknown dogs.

Teresa Hershey, DVM
President Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association
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